Asian American: Online Spending

 Asian Americans are heavy purchasers of non-food items for the home, using online providers to get what they need with satisfaction and ease of comparison shopping. In addition, Asian Americans spend more than non-Hispanic Whites on different categories, including oral hygiene, hair care, housewares, skincare, household supplies, and electronic products.
Strong connections between Asian Americans and other nations also contribute to online shopping, which offers easy access to items directly from Asia.
Around 68% of people do online shopping each month.
Members in this group make online purchases in important categories, including Consumer Electronics- 96%; Computer Software/ Hardware- 96%; Groceries- 66%; Airline Tickets-74%; Mobile Apps- 61%; Fashion and Clothes- 30%
They are active online shoppers who spend an average of $1,151 on online buying. It is 20% higher than online spending by non-Hispanic Whites.
Special offers and pricing are significant components of online purchases. Around 72% of Asian Americans prefer comparing prices on different sites before buying anything online.
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