Asian Canadians: Digital Dominance

While TV plays a vital role for marketers in Canada; digital campaigns are rising. However, marketing budgets were falling in the previous years.

Still, spending across the digital ecosystem is growing, and campaigns are identical measures for performance-based and brand-building campaigns.

The way South Asian Canadians watch TV depends on their age and how long they have been in Canada. Those who have lived in this country for over ten years reported the highest viewership of Live TV.


Those aged 18 or over had the highest viewership of subscription services like online streaming (68%) and Netflix (81%).

South Asians who are new to Canada watch TV programs that originate outside Canada. However, the longer they live in Canada, the more significant number of Canadian-made programs they prefer watching.

Those who have been in Canada for ten years watch multicultural programming made in

Canada, like ATN Vision TV.

  • 45% of South Asians who have been in Canada for less than five years believe that they pay more attention to advertising created in their ethnic language.
  • Six out of 10 South Asian adults follow Ethnic news sources, reaching the highest among those not born in Canada and living here for less than five years.
  • It is the lowest among those in Canada who have been in Canada for 20 or more years.

The figure below shows the different devices people between 18 and 25 years use to watch TV.




Overall, the image shows that while the number of mobile phones, flat-screen TV, and tablet
increased, the number of desktops, conventional TV, and laptop decreased from 2009 to 2019.

On the contrary, while an essential percentage of Conventional television used for watching TV at the initial stage of the period is the least popular mode of technological equipment in 2019, reporting for 32% and 4% individually.

2009 and 2019 witnessed a fall in the percentage of desktop computers and laptops used for watching TV by people within the age group of 18 to 25 years by 8% and 6%, respectively.

Gaming Industry

Gaming is more prevalent among Chinese Canadians than the rest of the population in Canada. As Canada continues to be more diverse, the gaming industry has the chance to capitalize on these new trends and create new video games that appeal more to these groups of people.

• Playing video games is very enticing to Chinese Canadians. 4 in 5, i.e., 80% of Chinese Canadians play video games, compared to 65% of all Canadians.

• This ethnic group believes playing video games is excellent, with about 7 in ten, i.e., 69% of Chinese Canadians saying so.

Most Canadians (89%) believe that video games can be addictive, and more than half (56%) of them think that playing video games has negatively influenced young ones’ behavior.


Surveys Capture Lifestyles of Asians in Canada

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