Asian Canadians: Social Media Usage

Canada’s population increased by 3,28,000 in 2020. The same year, the number of Canadian internet users increased by 3,08,000. As a result, there are about 32 million social media users and 37 million mobile connections in Canada. Between 2020 and 2021, the number of social media users is increasing quickly, with an 8% increase.

Social media usage differs by age group and the period for a person in Canada. For example, those who are born in Canada, which is just 9% of those surveyed and who are within an age group of 31, are the most active social media users using Instagram (63%), Facebook (62%), WhatsApp (47%), and Twitter (42%).

South Asians who have been in Canada for more than ten years tend to use different social media platforms similarly to North Americans. Facebook (58%), Instagram (42%), WhatsApp ( 68%), and LinkedIn (35%).

The below-mentioned graph shows the number of social network users in Canada from 2017 to 2026.

Chinese Canadians are major internet users compared to the national average. The internet is the most popular ranking media with Chinese Canadians, followed by radio, TV, magazines, and newspapers.

Chinese Canadians are likely to be heavier internet users by a massive 25%, with their two most popular apps being WeChat and Facebook. They mostly use WeChat for chatting with family members.

Facebook is Chinese Canadians’ most popular social media platform (31%). WeChat (14%) is popular among people aged 35 to 50. Those between the age of 18 to 34 primarily use Facebook (22%), Instagram (22%), and WeChat (19%).

Age also plays a vital role in the time spent online. Of those 50+, 32% spend over six hours per day on the internet. Likewise, 35% of those living in Canada for more than ten decades also spend over six hours daily online. In addition, 80% of Chinese Canadians born in Canada access the internet regularly.

Facebook is the most popular social media platform preferred by Chinese Canadians among various social media platforms. People aged between 35 and 50 usually prefer Facebook and WeChat when it comes to social media. On the contrary, people aged 18 to 34 use Facebook (22%), WeChat (19%), and Instagram (22%).

Live broadcast TV is still in demand across all age groups, but the younger 18-to-34 age group watches less live broadcast than the older groups.


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