Asian Canadians: Online Spending

One-fifth of the population in Canada is foreign-born.

South Asian and Chinese Canadians have excellent purchasing power, but they have various buyer behaviors and attitudes compared to the general population.

Ethnic customers typically spend a lot at both mainstream and ethnic grocery stores. It is mainly because mainstream stores do not have those brands or products that ethnic customers prefer.

The situation changed a bit during the Pandemic as they requested to reduce the number of in-store visits. However, it was a missed opportunity for getting even more business by conventional grocery store owners, as nobody approached to ethnic customers, informing them that they had an entire “ethnic lane” and that they must purchase their products.

  • South Asians who were not in Canada shop nearly 21% more for Diwali or other popular Asian events, like Mother’s or Father’s Day, Cyber Monday, Valentine’s Day, etc.
  • South Asians living in Canada are 55% more likely to say that” Online shopping makes their life simpler” than the average adult residing in Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, and Edmonton.
  • 4 in 10 South Asian Canadians who have been in Canada for more than five years believe that they prefer products that advertise in their ethnic language.

There is an incredible opportunity for Canadian businesses who are ready to make a mark in the market- marketing to Chinese Canadians. While there has been a long history of Chinese immigration to Canada, the previous few years saw a significant rise in foreign immigrants to Canada, approximately 30,000 annually.


Chinese Canadians have a spending power of over $61 billion, with a household income nearly 1.4 times more than average. They like mainly luxury goods, travel, and services, with spending estimated to almost double to 40% of the worldwide luxury goods market in the future.  

  • One out of three Chinese consumers in Canada prefer luxury brands to look different from others in society.
  • There are nearly 4,90,000 Chinese customers in Canada who are not Canadian citizens and not born in Canada.
  • 40% of Chinese Canadians prefer driving a luxury vehicle.
  • Chinese Canadians are usually tech-savvy. They spend money buying smart devices and are two times more likely to own a smart speaker or smartwatch.

Ethnic customers in Canada spend more money on appliances and renovation stuff. They focus more on indoor and outdoor furniture, like, buying indoor and outdoor furniture, gardening supplies, and BBQs.


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