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Asian Americans: Digital Dominance

Asian Americans: Digital Dominance

Asian Americans continue to make a profit as tech-enabled influencers with infinite potential. As a result, Asian-Americans’ customer purchasing power has increased exponentially to around $986 billion, up by 257% since 2000, against 97% of the total U.S. population.

Asian Americans are predictive adopters of new media and technology- including the platforms audiences use to watch their favorite shows, what they purchase online, and which apps they prefer to improve their regular lives.

Asian Americans spend more time on online devices than live T.V. They engage more on T.V-connected devices that need Internet connection like Amazon Fire and Apple T.V. Nothing has been more disturbing to the media industry in recent times than the creation of streaming services, which led to what’s known as Streaming Wars. For customers, it signifies more content than they can imagine. Moreover, as initial adopters of technology, Asian Americans are more digitally connected and trying new digital platforms and services, making them a significant audience segment to content curators and distributors alike.

Asian Americans spend 66% of their time on smartphones, computers, and tablets. It is the highest ratio among all customer segments.

33% of Asian Americans have said that cell phone is like an extension of their personality.

67% of Asian Americans agree that the new technologies make them feel excited

94% of Asian American households have a cell phone.

66% of Asian Americans feel disconnected without the internet.

Rising faster than the general population and maintaining education and income rates higher than other ethnic or racial groups, Asian Americans continue to make profits as tech-enabled influencers with limitless potential.

Streaming is quite popular in this community due to the interpretation and the languages. For example, around 59% of Asian-language viewers use streaming services to access Asian language content.

Asian Americans engage more on connected devices that need internet connection like Amazon Fire, Apple TV, Roku.

The elders in Asian-American households are more likely to use technology shared by others.

Broadband is expanding across all consumer segments every year. Asian Americans use new virtual multichannel video programming distributors services like Hulu + Live TV, Sling TV, AT & T to gain access to live TV.

The Asian influence is vital in the gaming industry. For example, the United States saw a 45% rise in time spent playing video games in a week in March 2020 when most of the country was under lockdown.

Asian Americans are attracted to apps and various communication platforms. It is because it helps them stay in touch with their friends and family members in Asian countries, where innovative digital devices and tech-driven services have been a part of regular life for decades.

Asian Americans Are Great Performers in the Gaming Industry

The Asian influence is vital in the U.S. gaming industry, undergoing exponential growth as many Americans are fans of entertainment and sports. Asian Americans play an essential role, both as spectators and gamers. Asian American households own more video game-related items than the total U.S. population. In addition to using computers and smartphones, Asian Americans are more likely to own a gaming console and Virtual Reality headsets usually used for gaming. The different types of games that Asian Americans play show the varieties of devices they use.

TV Households in the local TV market in the United States (2019-20)

In 2019-20, the DMA (designated market area) with the maximum T.V. households in the U.S. was New York (6.82 million T.V. households), followed by New York and Los Angeles. According to the Nielsen DMA Rankings 2020, the top five DMAs in the USA are:





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